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We are open for consulting on several startup issues.

No more 9 to 5, no more being stuck in daily rush hour commutes, no more working for a boss.
If you are fed up with someone telling you how and what to do all day long, you are certainly ready to open up your own business.
It is easier however to start any business than to keep it afloat and growing. No coasting will do the job.

Hanna, The Entrepreneur in charge, says: “I have unstoppable interest in Entrepreneurship, Business, Wellness and Health, Disruptive Technologies, Design, and… Urban gardening.
My philosophy is Essentialism and Minimalism, so I naturally seek Efficiency in everything I do.

“Once I discovered essential oils, it’s hard to do without them. And why would you?! They make Life more pleasant, less painful, healthier, easier, richer, much more Beautiful.”

Learning Network Marketing in the Social Media age does not have to start from bugging family and friends. They are the first to talk you out of any entrepreneurship. That’s because what seems easy to do to one person, feels impossible to succeed in for another. You are the Genius of your own Mastery. Go for it! Your gut always knows. Your Mind will find a way, step by step things will become clearer. You will meet the right people, find the right tools. It will not happen without making a decision first. Make the Decision.

I believe in You! – do You?

If you still need more time to think, I love to search, read, learn, inform, and hardly can keep from unsolicited advice, so LIKE my page on Facebook, or follow me on LinkedIn and come back soon!.


Do you have a business idea?
Would you like to use Network Marketing, which involves no-to-minimal start up costs, contrary to franchising or private startup, but have questions?
Are you looking for partnership in your existing business?

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