About Lou Melo


Lou Melo (1949-2021) has been Young Living Silver leader, building a team that is passionate to help people they meet live better, happier, healthier life. He deeply cared about others’ wellbeing and always shared a message of universal Love and Forgiveness, as these two are necessary to heal one’s soul and body.
Friendly and easy to talk to, he listened to people’s stories and has been ready to share his own experience of natural products with everyone around him. He grew up in appreciation of learning, hard work and self-reliance.
Essential oils has changed his life.
We, his family and friends will carry his dream, educating people to use good natural products, and show gratitude and forgiveness for one’s own wellbeing.

Lou’s Melo spirit will live through Lives of people who met him.

That experience – and the joy of helping others – led Lou to share his story with the rest of the world. It also introduced him to a new and fulfilling business opportunity as a Network Marketer for Young Living, the world leader in pure, therapeutic essential oils.

“I believe in Young Living essential oils and wellness solutions because they changed my life. It may make your life better, too.”, said often Lou.