Allergen battles


Allergens are a big nuisance to our body, and sometimes go as far as to wreck havoc. There are however battles of opinions where they come from. We often blame environment (pollen, dust, bugs…) or food (nuts, some fruits, gluten…) or ‘chemicals’ for skin outbreaks or breathing problems – and that all is wide known, but…

Newer studies suggest that also very common constituents of our food – like inulin, present in most fibers, bread, vegetables, oatmeal, bananas, carbs, and more than previously identified proteins – present in meats, fish and beans we eat, may also trigger allergic reaction that we have previously not experienced. Eating one and the same thing for breakfast (as ‘innocent’ as oatmeal) may not be a good thing. Eating foods that we have never eaten before may also not be a great tactics for dealing with allergies. Seems that a human body likes some of this and some of that, at times more, and at other times less. Very confusing indeed. You enjoy mango for several years, and then Bum! on Thursday it caused you an allergic outbreak, and you are sure it was IT, not something else. (?) it wouldn’t be oats, would it?

With the inherent biases in all the publications, one has to be a very good intuitive and analytic listener of one’s body reactions, and that also involves a lot of reading and re-reading of broad sources.

Ok, what I want to say is that some people are doing ‘#slugging’ on their face, while others swear by ‘only pure natural products’. There are also some others, who got rid of all harsh chemicals from home, eat no-gluten, and still have skin outbreaks or breathing symptoms. The immune system is very picky and not as well known as it may seem from the common knowledge. Raising blindly immunity or not having enough of it are both bad. The problem is we still have no wearable display of immunity status. And… it all also depends who are we surrounded with (of lower or higher immunity than ours), and how our needs are met, including climate and environment, and yes – microorganisms in a broad definition.

GMO Houseplant a mega purifier

A Paris-based startup has created a genetically engineered houseplant that can literally clean the air within your home. The plant builds off the natural purifying properties that houseplants already offer. So, while it adds some color to whatever room you put it in, it’s also actively keeping the air cleaner than 30 houseplants can together.

“Join the waiting list” their website says.

Olive Essentials™

This provides the power of olives in a convenient capsule.

  • A source of antioxidants that help fight against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals
  • Features the antioxidant hydroxytyrosol in a concentration equivalent to a 1-litre bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Extracted from Spanish olives
  • Includes the compounds oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol


Notes of Wellness collection

Reflect on the day and take a moment to share heartfelt wishes of wellness with the ones that made it special. Reach for the branded blank set (15 cards with coordinated envelopes + essential oil bottle), featuring three unique designs, and choose one to match your mood! Add an uplifting aromatic touch to your message with a drop or two of Jade Lemon and let this zesty, lemon-lime essential greet your recipient with a subtle yet refreshing aroma.

Merry Mini Aria Christmas Diffuser Collection

the Mini Aria Diffuser comes complete with a solid maple base with walnut finish and a selection of soothing LED light options and built-in sounds. Paired with festive favourites Vanilla, Peppermint and Christmas Spirit™ essential oils, you can create a holiday haven of your own!