Augmenting senses, expanding lives

Augmenting senses

Hey You, look at me, what do you see? It’s trivial to say there is more to Life than an eye can see. Once we eliminate the noise of distractions around us, we can ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘smell’, know more. How to reach these seemingly unattainable sources some are mentioning and practicing, and others just shrug shoulders about it? Tune in. Brain can see more than our eyes. Music can do more to our health, smell is a ‘canary in the mine’, communication happens without the words. Plugging in to the extraordinary sources expands our Lives. Where to start with augmenting our senses and how does it help us, and serving others?

My friend Paul J. Calleri released today a newly arranged song which he wrote decades ago, this time singing with his own voice. I will let you know that his vocation is far from music industry, usually performed in silence, with numbers, rules and patterns. This augmentation of Paul is a stunning achievement.

Reading pages, not words

When I was in school, we learned to read by recognizing letters first, then putting them together into words. Then my son learned from his grandmother to read by scanning full words.
Then there was fast reading trend, where you skimmed clue words from a page and increased the speed of reading sentences that way.
And then there is a PhotoReading, where you can read a book by pages, not by words. It engages the subconscious mind in a relaxed state, skipping the speed limiting focus on words, but attaining long term comprehension.

Where are the sources to augment senses?

Many of this is happening by practice, stemming from listening into silence, seeing more than objects, accidental discoveries of your body abilities, shook by emotional events, pain, disability, picking up on effects we have on other people and drilling down the skills to enhance what we can do.

Mindvalley has a team of leaders/ teachers/ practitioners of art of enhancing one’s mind, body, habits and abilities. You can transform your life when you are open to learning and give a little more to bravery, boldness, curiosity, a New.

The Silva Ultramind System

Used by over 6 million people worldwide to harness altered states of mind to awaken one’s mind’s fuller potential – is this legendary approach to personal growth.

It was fascinating learning it, to figure out remote reading and support of people, plants. A few years later, I developed the ability for a way of unspoken semi-conscious communication with ‘the field’ (in lack of better name for the source that I do not understand at this point), where I get hints of future events or clarity on what I need to do.

Shifts in thinking

What can we do to maintain our independence, faculties, health, and happiness as we mature?

Human Longevity Project is uncovering how to improve health through lifestyle, science, developing better habits. It takes you on a journey around the globe, on a mission to discover secrets of the longest-lived and healthiest populations on Earth. It was filmed over two years in 9 countries, on three continents – aren’t you curious?

You’ll discover the scientifically Validated Recipe For A Long, Healthy Life From Premier Scientists, Physicians, Healers, And Health Experts From Around The Globe – And How To Apply These Lessons In Our Modern Environment.

Here is an idea from James Clear: “The more time you spend complaining about what you deserve, the less time you have to focus on what you can create. Focus on what you can control.”

Focusing on what we can control, the value of small contributions and daily habits, turns off the Fear and by opening new skills and possibilities, activates Happiness.