Business ideas 2023?


2023 will see the world transform in big and small ways. As inflation is raging, people hold onto their disappearing money and small businesses are dwindling. What business ideas can bring more income to semi-retired or, those who can’t count on a regular job? Any thoughts? Share please!

Network marketing/ digital marketing of really good health products – health is the ultimate wealth!
Selling anything from in-demand products, art, handmade crafts, through T-shirts to gaming items
Investing in vending machines
Tutoring business
Freelance writing / book writing
Franchising (Expo in Toronto is Jan 14-15!)
Starting a new skill that will work in an all-digital world.
The list is very long if you look at Google search or Shopify blog…

In any contracted economy, starting new [skills, products, idea, business, collaboration, habit, life] is a recipe for the long term survival and healthy growth.

Setting business idea is more than writing down goals. It is about becoming a person who you want to be. Stronger and easier than goals! It’s all about setting trajectory, as everyone is at different position on it, surrounded by different circumstances. Keeping on chosen trajectory is helping us to avoid distractions and setbacks of failures.

With tight money management, spending beyond shelter, utilities and food has to be structured, quality-focused and highly purposeful:

Fresh Start this month…

Suggests Morning Start Bath and Shower Gel, Life 9™ probiotic and Purification® essential oil blend.
The most luxurious product is a little Vanilla oleoresin, sourced ethically and sustainably in Madagascar, made with a unique extraction method developed for Young Living.

Emotional Resilience

How to find emotional resilience in hard times?

Prioritize your wellness, maintain a good schedule,
participate on your own terms, do what you always wanted to do, create new habits that fit your chosen trajectory, ignore others’ opinions.

If you’re curious to look into a Crystal Ball, here’s what AI already knows will happen in 2023. So exciting!!!