Headache – Migraine – compilation


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Many of my friends have headaches or even migraines. They come to me asking “Hanna, what do you do for headaches…?

I don’t get headaches since I completed my schooling years and learned how to relax, after a bout of depression in 2007. I also did a lot of changes in my household after I lost my sense of smell, and was offered no help from my doctor, other than suggestion of a risky surgery to scrub inside of sinuses and nose, very close to my brain, after which I would require a month of staying in bed and years of follow up monitoring.
He said “You will never regain your smell”, and that was not what I could accept…

I did a lot of thinking and researching that year, and figured out that I need to clean an indoor pollution (my home was ‘clean’, but apparently not clean enough for my nose, skin, liver and other systems…).

But coming back to the headaches I am often asked about – Since I am not an expert on this, I compiled here some expert opinions of specialists I trust, that do not involve medications:

Natural Remedies for Migraines: Know Your Triggers – by Lindsey Elmore, university trained pharmacist

5 Unexpected Symptoms of Anxiety You May Never Have Heard Of, by Lindsey Elmore

Natural Remedies for Allergies, by Lindsey Elmore

I met someone who suffered terrifying migraines since she was twelve, for more than twenty years, knocking her out of her feet for about ten days each month, until she found the ways to stop them forever. It’s Sarah Harnisch, a mother of five from rural upstate of New York. She describes details of her story in this audio below (her migraines story starts at 19 min into the audio (sorry, I don’t have her story extracted separately), so start listening from there for what can be done, without using pills.)

Experience headache pain relief with the Natural Home Remedies (scroll down the page to “Headache” section.), which are officially certified for such use by Health Canada.

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