New products to foster our Roots & Wings


What’s new?…

…with the North American convention in the rear view mirror, we have new products to support our Roots & Wings. Roots & Wings are not just a slogan. In tough times it is very well a strength to draw from and an inspiration to live a personal dream, which is also good for other people and planet.

What’s the big deal?

99 percent landfill-free status at YL largest distribution center earning Young Living two prestigious awards in 2019: Green Business of the Year and Recycler of the Year. Leading the way in packaging that leaves the smallest impact possible. Saying no to materials containing toxic big-bads like PVC, BPA, and perchlorate. YL products forgo using over 2,500 harmful toxins and use the very best, natural ingredients, just as nature intended. All YL farms and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers are hand-selected and carefully vetted for their earth-friendly agriculture and low-impact production. The result is pure products that are part of a powerful sustainability story. When the earth calls, we answer. Young Living is always on the lookout for opportunities to fund efforts that protect the planet. Here are some recent examples: 
Healing the AmazonOwl conservationThe D. Gary Young Wildlife SanctuaryVital Grounds partnership

5 Sun Safety Tips with Young Living Essential Oils

Olive Essentials

This supplement provides the power of olives in a convenient capsule, combining olive leaf oil and hydroxytyrosol (the most powerful antioxidant found in nature). Both known for their impact for healthy body. 

  • A source of antioxidants that help fight against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals
  • Features the antioxidant hydroxytyrosol in a concentration equivalent to a 1-litre bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Extracted from Spanish olives

Pairs well with: Life 9™Master Formula™NingXia Red®MultiGreens™

Simplified by Jacob & Kait

This is a new line of essential oil blends created just for the smell of it! Brought to you by Jacob and Kaitlyn Young in partnership with the D. Gary Young Research Institute, the Summer Collection features three limited-time blends, Tropical Tango™ (Sweet, uplifting, bright), Orange Creamsicle (creamy, citrusy), and Seaside™ (Cool, breezy aroma). Dive into these summer-inspired scents, and enjoy Summer Vibes Only. It may whisk you away to where the living is easy. 

Roots blend

Roots essential oil blend is a combination of ancient essential oils that remind us of our legacy. Wings blend inspires us to new heights of personal growth. Roots blend contains the grounding, rich earth tones of Myrrh, Cistus and Angelica; the fresh, woodsy notes of Sacred Frankincense and Grand Fir; and the soothing essence of the Balm of Gilead.Use it while working to reconnect with your inner self or as you work to strengthen your own personal foundation on a daily basis.

Balance skin care

When it comes to skin care, it’s hard to tune out all of the noise, ads, and endless online tutorials and just get down to a straightforward solution that works for your skin. That’s why YL created BALANCE: to simplify skin care. This set has a cleanser, dual-phase toner and mattifying lotion. When you order the BALANCE Collection, you’ll also receive a free mattifying roller tool (while supplies last) to pamper your skin through gentle facial massage as you roll away excess oil and remove unwanted shine.Suitable for every gender, watch (42 seconds) how it feels to use it
No more a chore, this one gives you clarity what to do.

One Purpose…

…blend with a cause! Its  uplifting floral aroma honours the efforts of artisan women around the world who work to support their families, communities, and in turn break the bounds of poverty. This subtle scent enhances your personal strengths and divine character
Represents the power of unity and the strength that comes from supporting each other. Become aware of your life’s purpose, along with the discipline it takes to carry that purpose forward each day.

Wings blend

Contains exotic florals (Geranium, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Lavender), notes of sweet citrus (Orange, Tangerine and Melissa), uplifting woodsy undertones (Sacred Sandalwood, Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Sacred Frankincense) and rich, unique accents (Myrrh, Angelica and German Chamomile).
Apply Wings essential oil blend topically to inspire personal growth and new perspectives with unlimited possibilities as you write your goals and plans.

Roots & Wings 2022 U.S. and Canada convention

Many blends at this convention were created from the archives – to remember YL legacy and set your sights on new growth with the Roots & Wings premise. Our Roots give us Wings, when you think about it. Roots keep us accountable to our beginnings, and give us strength of stability and security to jump into new and unknown. Formulated to commemorate the Roots & Wings convention, these essential oil blends are available together or separately.

Start shopping and get inspired

One by Young Living

This collection features three special essential oil blends crafted in collaboration with The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation: One Heart™, One Voice™ and One Purpose™. 
One Heart: Encourages a bright outlook on life, Opens your heart to love and service for others, Encourages unity and connection.One Voice: Promotes feelings of self-confidence and clarity with its warm, inspiring aroma
Use while you are working on owning and empowering your inner voice, it supports you in speaking your own truth and using your voice to help those in need.

One Purpose: Subtle layers and depth of this blend enhance the connection to your own personal strengths and divine character, Represents the power of being united , Fosters courage and becoming aware of your own life’s purpose and discipline, carrying your purpose forth with you each day. 

Science may be confusing

Everything is open for interpretation. We can’t use certain statements because powerful lobbies are guarding their market share. The same names can be used for compounds/ingredients both “good” and “bad” for human body, in flavouring and cosmetics. That’s why you are wise to pay attention to what goes into your food, body, environment.
On Young Living website you may now see not just [plant] ingredients, but constituents names in these plants, that you can research for yourself. Take Benzyl acetate for instance – it can be harmful as a substance used industrially, synthesized in a lab. However there is also completely natural benzyl acetate in every jasmine flower and fruit like pear, apple etc. Read the ingredients and understand origins of what you are eating/using to stay healthy and strong.

Have a beautiful Summer!
With lots of Love, Hanna