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Startups are not easy. They don’t happen overnight. A lot of money is buried in startups graveyards.
Some require more initial capital than others, while none is guaranteed success.

We live in a new era of business and entrepreneurship…

You see, rewind just over a decade ago and if you wanted to start a business you’d have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. You’d need a store-front, employees, stock… the list is endless.

Franchises take away branding burdens, but not financial burdens. In this light Network Marketing (MLM) is not a four-letter word. It does not require any starting capital, while allowing ramping up your business at your own pace, and offering support of an established business. It takes care of the branding, product manufacturing and product quality.
All you have to do is work at marketing. As hard as you want and can!
However having to spend $250,000 to $400,000 initially on a franchise fees, you are very motivated, because you must make it – that fee is not refundable! Can you make yourself motivated without spending that much money upfront?
Are you this person that likes social interactions or is technically savvy? Then Young Living as a business opportunity is for you!

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