Who employs a sheep?

Farm sheep

In 2020 we got surprised and unsettled. In 2021 companies depending on human labour and obliged to comply with health authorities, had to get innovative to survive. The weeding sheep emerged on sizeable organic farms. “See the little white blobs in the picture above? It is the sheep in the lavender fields at our farm in France.
The farm manager, Nicholas Landel, has been working hard to find ways to ensure the fields don’t need any pesticides and that our farms maintain better than organic practices. He tried goats but they ate the lavender plants. He tried a few different breeds of sheep and they ate the lavender plants as well. He finally found a specific breed of sheep that eats everything EXCEPT the lavender plants! And they provide really natural organic fertilizer.
?” Where did I get this info? It’s from Jeffrey Lewis FB feed. Look below what other interesting things this guy says.

Young Living’s Simiane-La-Rotonde farm

Young Living ensures that our farms never have children working on them. They found that on our Bulgaria partner farm, travelers were often coming into the area and working on the farm with their children. Young Living gave the farm a grant to build a school and to hire a teacher so that when the travelers come into town, the children can get a free education and are not providing child labor.

Did you know that Young Living air-ships essential oils from their farms all over the world???? Do you realize how much money it costs to do that vs shipping it via freighter or ship? The reason why is so that there are less touch points for the oils so that Young Living maintains control of their essential oils at all times.

Clutter compass

Feng Shui tip for the…

…end of Summer: Clear your clutter. In Feng Shui clutter represents postponed decisions, unfinished projects and lack of clear direction. It creates the inability to move forward.
Clear out the junk drawer, the messy hall closet or the garage, then watch the opportunities flow back into your life to fill the space you have made for them.

Release the past for good

Cedarwood with 98% sesquiterpenes may help to deprogram our cellular memory, which might be holding on to a past that needs to let go of.
Apply this essential oil each night, on the back of the head temples and middle of the eyebrows (at the end when your finger is almost dry, so it does not drip to the eyes!) and inhale slowly. You can also apply on the bottom of the two big toes.

Young Living is firstly a lifestyle, and secondly a business.

Healthy(ier) heart blend

20 drops coriander seed essential oil
10 drops lavender
10 drops neroli
10 drops bergamot
10 drops clary sage
10 drops geranium

Combine all of them in a 5ml bottle.
Put 4-5 drops in your diffuser and enjoy throughout the day.
You may also use Joy blend instead. It contains Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Geranium, Coriander seed, Tangerine, Jasmine, Rose, Palmarosa and Roman Chamomile.

This is cited in quite a few places. Do you think it works? You, the mind, tell your brain what you foresee happening, and brain changes it to the chemical signals that travel in our body to brace for it. So if we tell ourselves that we are going to have a sh***y day – you bet that we are going to look for it and feel like it.

When I think that I am about to trip on the step, in overwhelming percentage of those moments, I do trip on the nearest step.

Stop tripping on your bad thoughts and have a wonderful Life.

Hugs, Hanna