Everyday Spring


For God’s sake don’t read…

…Nostradamus prophecies for 2022. Or rather for YOUR OWN sake. Very depressing, and I hope he was completely wrong, or at least wrongly interpreted. 
Who wouldn’t want to know the answer to the question: “WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?” Especially in weeks like now, when everything seems to be rocking – in anticipation of some major fall.

When I daydream…

…I often think of Everyday Spring. Wouldn’t that be nice, ha? Freshly bright green baby leaves, fragrant hyacinths, warming sun, energizing walks… There is this one city in the world where there is everyday Spring, 22C, year round – in Columbia’s mid mountains. But it comes with a price – you know… it’s dangerous to be there, I heard. And by the way, in the Spring everything is undone, not finished yet, just a promise of fruits and vegetables harvest. Every season has a reason, and Life is a process. Follow the path, unique to you, and don’t forget to get wild when you have a chance :),  my friend!

The YL Drop Podcast with Jacob

Commonly eaten foods…

That are bad for your health and your wallet! This is a long list (not a surprise!!!), and half way down you’ll sigh: “What is there left to eat then…” 
When you are finally on your own clean eating /lifestyle (not there yet!), and it took you a few years to get there, you will experience with disgust everything else. Remember drinking coffee with sugar, and now you don’t sweet? How disgusting is tasting a sugar in your coffee now! This goes for every change from a common/ usual/ I-don’t-care product to a good, pure, properly manufactured one!

Kid friendly muscle rub

Kids are active – run, fall, jump too much – common pains follow. If it’s just the muscles, this rub is good:

  • 1½ tablespoons beeswax
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup sweet almond oil or other liquid carrier oil
  • 20–25 drops essential oils (see suggestions here)

Find out nightime and daytime essential oils blends for soothing kids.

Summer blends for your…

…diffuser! All of a sudden it’s Summer. Open the windows and smell this hot weather – what a change! Here’s Scandinavian solstice scent: 

Christina 2022

Christina – a shining Diamond in Melo’s Team is running her YL exhibition shows again! Here she is, [with husband and two kids visiting her] on Mother’s Day weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre,  The National Women’s Show. “Luck” does not come without hard work.
She continues to be a personal inspiration to so many.

Why I YL

Once YL, always YL – in action. I came not to trust certain other products when I browse stores’ aisles. I tried, yep, I did, not to buy this, and go back to buy that
It backfired more than once. 
It came to that I can’t stand ‘regular‘ scents, can’t walk around the neighbourhood on Saturday mornings when from almost every dryer vent you smell this obnoxious, hormone disrupting, breath taking, invasive scent of a commonly used laudry detergent. Or be in a close proximity of a guy who uses this widely advertised on tv deodorant. 

Skyrider Wilderness Ranch

Summer is time for a wild adventure! OK, maybe not completely wild – staying on a safe side of wilderness is this YL farm in Western Uinta Mountains of Utah, a nearly untouched jewel of the American West, filled with bison, elk, and plants native to its unique ecosystem. Come on a tour of this Ranch and learn some of our favorite fun facts about this farm.
Learn about our some of the conservation practices that happen at all YL farms.

Squeeze the day blend

Bright, citrusy scents invigorate and refresh any environment. Use this diffuser blend to wake up your senses on languid afternoons or get an energizing start to the day by diffusing it first thing in the morning.

Friday, the 13th…

… is – really – what YOU want.
Some people are accident prone, some are lucky, my friend. If you deny it, there is more going on in your subconsciousness than you’d like to realize.
Thoughts become things… choose the good ones, and make them loud!

Hugs, Hanna