Good Friends

Friendship cards

A woman in retirement age leaves the big city, tired of being usually some three traffic jams from friends and adult kids not answering her calls, to warm south, a small town, hoping to find new friends quickly. Did she ever overestimated southern warmth… to strangers! It took ultimately not less than two years before people started talking to her. Lessons she learnt are worth reading. And that’s how the idea of friendship cards came up…

Four ways to find friends in the new town

At 73 it was time to live my dreams, she said! After getting a library card, she was disappointed with crafts and someone’s choices of book of the month, but found joy in line dancing. She also started scheduling writers for “Meet the Author” events, which gave her opps for having coffee with interesting people, speaking publicly, and having first reads. Next, at one of the church’s fellowship dinners she met a woman of similar vibe, who scrawled her phone number on a piece of napkin and muttered “Call me anytime you need to talk or a bowl of chicken soup. I don’t care if it is 2 a.m.” That’s where she also picked up a near-professional music program and free concerts. The only thing left was to get a rescue dog! Looking at a few more wrinkled napkins with writing on them, she figured: It was time to arrange for the “Friendship Cards“.

Anti-inflammation smoothie

Here’s what you need: banana, chunk of pineapple, 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1tsp matcha, spirulina or seaweed, 1 cup of milk of your choice, 1/2 cup water and 30 grams of quality protein. Have it with or without ice. Can replace protein powder and water with home-made chicken, turkey or beef stock – keep it separated from excess fat though.

Tip: Not a good idea to use turmeric every day for long periods of time – liver/ jaundice problems has happened.

House plants are air purifiers

They can absorb as heavy toxins as benzene, formaldehyde and others, according to Dr. Tom O’Bryan. Modern air purifiers are certainly very efficient, and not that expensive. Decluttered, often vacuumed spaces without carpets and draperies are definitely looking clean, but since I got an air purifier in the bedroom anyways, sinuses are feeling better, I sleep better and wake up with less allergies. House plants like Devil’s vine do the rest, to save on energy bills too.

Friendship Cards

At retirement we are not looking for new jobs or businesses – at least not most of the time! What we need though are friends – different from these we had when working. That’s when friendship cards replace business cards. All we need is to introduce ourselves, so a piece of napkin, raised to our face a month later rings some bell who that person we met (where was it??…) is and how she/he looked like. Definitely include your ‘nice’ picture, informal ‘title’ that describes what you love to do (like line dancer, quilt knitter, journalist at large, nature lover, listener to life stories…) and a short note “You met me at….” as a reminder.

I’d love to collect some of those!

Cooling anti-inflammation smoothie

For this one, use: cucumber, spinach, kale, nut milk of your choice, high protein broth, half of avocado and half of green apple. Smoothies do not have to start your morning. Any time of the day is good for an anti-inflammatory smoothie. They are suitable for young and old, loaded with antioxidants, electrolytes and trace minerals.

Note: they have no sugar yet taste sweet due to natural sweetness of fruits.

Plants that purify indoor air

NASA and the ALCA estimated that one 6 inch plant was needed per 100 square feet of interior space to effectively remove the chemicals. This equates to only 1 or 2 plants for most rooms in an average home. Keep your plants healthy and they will help to keep you healthy!

Let’s print some cards!

I’d love to make you a Friendship Card, due to my connection with commercial printers, which would reflect who you are, in a nice way, to support your social life.