Underestimated Respect


Respect builds a person or lack of it will destroy ultimately this person’s health. We may be not qualifying every event thinking about respect factor of it, yet subconsciously we receive the signals that put us down or highlight the day. In democratic country like ours, we are generally polite and casts and biases are not pronounced as strong as somewhere else, however respect balance is a very delicate matter and we cross the line very often, whether in family, school, any service places, LTCs, transit, conflict situations, friendly gossip, and for no reasons other than to ‘better’ our self-esteem injured in past encounters.

Diffusing in December…

Over-awareness of respect needs is hurtful too – All too often we see young parents ‘consulting’ with a baby/toddler/teenager aspects of life that need more guidance than confusing questions, if not age appropriate and leads to developing manipulating minds. Elderly, on the other hand, find themselves fighting for respect, well before their minds and abilities are gone. Bottom line is – the Emotional Intelligence is not taught anywhere, and you have to Use these 6 Magic Phrases to Inspire Respect, Grounded in Emotional Intelligence, today and always!

Super Agers well into 90s

What are the secrets of Super Agers, who are well into 90s, with sharp memory and unimpaired mobility? They stay active physically. They tend to be positive. They challenge their brain every day, reading or learning something new — many continue to work into their 80s. SuperAgers are also social butterflies, surrounded by family and friends, and can often be found volunteering in the community.
When we compare SuperAgers to normal agers we see that they tend to endorse more positive relations with others,” Rogalski said.

Highest Potential

Highest Potential™ harnesses the uplifting and inspiring power of Blue Cypress and other pure essential oil scents to help you access and nurture the most profound version of your inner self.

It’s a blend of 22 oils that may help you break through blocks and fears to help you see who you truly are and give you the confidence to follow that path towards your goals and dreams.

It’s smell feels uplifting and focusing, inspiring me to more action.

Improving odds in cognitive impairment

Lately I’ve seen a story of 81 yo man, who’s first reaction to Alzheimer’s diagnosis was to enroll into university. It likely extended his fully enjoyable life by many years. He graduated and manages very well his physical and cognitive function, compared with his friend who spent the same years with same diagnosis in the LTC home.

Many people in past-prime age resist learning anything new and even treat as assault and disrespect suggestions of improving their skills: mental, verbal or physical. Why is it? Do you think it’s a personality trait or a tired attitude?

Essential oils aroma stones

Perfect activity with kids during the Holidays!

Here’s how to do it. Alternative to diffusing, they release aroma slowly throughout several days. You decide what aromas include in your Perfect-Holidays mix of scents, with suggestions included in this short DIY video.