Honey, coffee?


Some people benefit from every coffee they drink, and it does not depend as much on genetics, as on WHAT actually they are drinking. Lately I read about centenarians living in the Blue Zones, who drink daily Honey Coffee. It does not have anything to do with bees, though. Turns out, producing coffee is not just roasting beans as we, urbanites often think. I had no idea that common process is using 170 liters of clean water to end up with 1 lb of coffee beans.

But there is a better way…

… more sustainable, without using hardly any water. It involves removing only red skin from ‘coffee cherries’, and fermenting beans without removing honey-like mucilage surrounding it in Nature. Coffee produced that way is naturally sweeter and healthier, as centenarians assert.

Duet diffuser

This product, and others, currently offered caused server to ‘peak-traffic’. Check when you can, how great and popular are the offers at hand. Duet Diffuser, a luxe, first-of-its-kind waterless  atomizing diffuser is packed with features and designed to be a  sophisticated accent anywhere in your home.
From  the moment we wake until we fall asleep, our lives are filled with so  many sensations, from the noise of traffic to the internal noise of  emails, notifications, and to-do lists. It’s overwhelming to have so  much vying for your attention, especially when a little calm and quiet  is calling your name.

The  Duet Diffuser puts the power over your sensory experience back in your  hands. With its innovative, waterless oil diffusing technology and  convenient carrying handle, the Duet Diffuser can go just about  anywhere, allowing you to reclaim your senses with a built-in Bluetooth  speaker and dual-pump atomizing diffusion that allows you to diffuse  directly from two bottles—a duet—of essential oil. Reengage with the  world on your terms with the Duet Diffuser.
Available  only while supplies last starting on October 17, this diffuser will  sell out quickly, so create your scent symphony with the Duet Diffuser  before it’s gone for good!

Lots of kids in the family?

How about Feather The Owl 6-pack for $65 : Say hello to our cutest essential oil diffuser yet! This exclusive, custom-designed ultrasonic diffuser functions as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, night-light, and white-noise machine—owl in one!

Kid friendly and simple to use, Feather the Owl features multiple diffusion from low to high, 10 different LED light options, and 5 white-noise sound options.

Holiday gifts launch

Spark your Holidays spirit with early shopping, awarded by SALE prices, only until October 24th: Can’t imagine not to get Christmas Spirit essential oils blend, or a Foaming Hand Soap with the same aroma, for when my guests arrive. Or Idaho Grand Fir or Blue Spruce essential oils for my bedroom ambiance.

Holiday monkey collection

An ultra-huggable friend is here to comfort and cuddle the littlest members of your family!

With a kid-safe heating pouch – filled with flax seeds, organic vanilla powder and lavender flowers – and paired with KidScentsTM KidPower™ Roll-On essential oils pre-mixed for children, to inspire confidence and courage, the Huggable Holiday Monkey is a cozy collection that both parents and kids will love!

Ember Diffuser is already sold out! A twelve -pack was on sale for U-N-Believable $131!!! This diffuser is good for up to 35square meters rooms, and it’s cover is carefully crafted from natural terracotta clay, molded, hand-refined and baked in a kiln for 10 hours. The base is constructed from sustainable rubberwood cultivated in Thailand from mature trees previously tapped for rubber production. Between these two natural materials is aluminous ring of light reminiscent of a glowing ember. With eight light options and two operating modes, Ember brings design-forward elegance and pure aromatherapy to your space.