How healthy is your closest environment?


Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world. You know already why if you are here. Yet one of the most basic human needs – a clean environment, so we can live healthy and achieve our greatest potential, is hard to reach, even in our closest environment – our own home.
Who’s to blame? You can point fingers all day long, but what is in our control, we can change ourselves.

An average person is exposed to ~ 300 synthetic chemicals a day at home

Eighty of them already before breakfast, in soaps, shampoos, shaving products, toothpastes and so on. No wonder there is an epidemic of this and epidemic of that, and we feel lethargic or irritated or bugged by many little ailments. Shouldn’t you start swapping products for healthier, one by one? Yes, that’s a great idea!

I started incorporating good quality essential oils into my daily routines.

They give me joy and peace, and an easy way to deal with little, easily remedied ailments.

I just love how they make me feel and this is my reason for using essential oils.

Over the years I’ve struggled with food & environmental sensitivities, skin outbreaks and occasional anxieties. Keeping my home healthy as much as possible, but with convenience in mind, is very important to me.
I couldn’t believe when my friend showed me how simply the oils worked on me. My feet feel better. My skin and nails got better. My stress about just anything dropped, and I was simply impressed. I started digging in and researching and learning more about oils.

I found out that essential oils worked, but that quality and knowing how to use them were very important. Quality impacts the safety and effectiveness of essential oils.

Young Living Joy essential oils blend
I am using them as natural remedies, mainly things like:

  • skincare, hair care, nail care
  • cleaning
  • local pain relief
  • quicker healing of bruises and little cuts
  • aromatherapy (better sleep)
  • stress relief
  • summer bugs’ bites relief and protection on nature trips
  • digestive and immune support
  • feminine symptoms relief
  • clearer sinuses

Making daily choices simple and pleasant

New to essential oils?

Learn the basics of what essential oils are, how they are produced and what to watch for when buying essential oils.