After happiness


Do you ever wonder…

…what happens after happiness? After a Holiday full of sweets? After a long anticipated party? After a child birth? After love? Tony Robbins says that humans have six basic universal needs.

Six Human Needs.

After experiencing a multitude of cultures and serving over six million people from 195 countries, Tony learned that all humans, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or culture, are driven by the same six human needs.

Certainty. Uncertainty/Variety. Significance. Connection/Love. Growth. Contribution.

All human beings are consistently seeking to meet their Six Human Needs, but we all tend to value two more than the rest.

Curious what your top human needs are and how they play out as strengths and weaknesses in your own life? 
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The Lavender Farm…

…that is much more! Farm Fact: Did you know Young Living’s Mona lavender fields and farm in Mona, Utah, span nearly 1,600 acres?
Its rows of beautiful and fragrant lavender also provide a way-station for beautiful monarch butterflies, where they can rest and feed during their migration between Canada and Northern Mexico.
Oils from this farm:  Lavender essential oil | Clary Sage | Goldenrod | Juniper | Blue Yarrow | Melissa  | White Fir essential oil

Best at 65

Comic Graham Chittenden got all four YESes at Canada’s Got Talent a few days ago, explaining why Best Life starts at 65. Four minutes of authentic laughs!

Joy blend…

…produces magnetic energy that brings joy to he heart, mind and soul.It inspires romance and helps overcome deep-seated grief and sadness. This blend contains Rose, Bergamot, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Geranium, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Roman Chamomile and Rosewood essential oils.

Joy essential oils blend »

The Year of The Garden

We are still chilling in the Winter breeze, while 2022 has been announced a Year of the Garden. Many folks turned to gardens in pandemic, while many more turned to Uber Eats for comfort. I don’t know how 4 months of growth/year can compare with 10 months in Atlanta or Portugal, but I will spend all time I can planting 🙂 Will you plant this year?
Interesting that Canada is considered a global lifeboat in light of the catastrophic climate changes trend.

Earth Day 2022

Environmentalists call for a group therapy for the sickness that climate changes bring about. Apparently insomnia, stress and anger can all be blamed on climate change.

Love your hair!

Lavender Mint shampoo is made with powerful plant-based cleansers and infused with a Lavender, Peppermint and Spearmint. If you are unhappy with a yellow-ish tint in your grey hair – this one is for you. It is gentle yet effective, gives an invigorating deep clean without stripping our hair or scalp of moisture. Contains nettle leaf to cool and calm the scalp and moisturizing pracaxi seed oil and linden bud to help replenish hair. DIY leave-in conditioner and dry shampoo recipe.

From the kitchen of Karlie Aleksandra Holtby

Want an easy tool to support your healing journey + balance hormones? 
This adrenal cocktail helps to build up minerals that your body needs to make essential hormones. Our adrenal glands are a powerhouse and if you’re exhausted all the time, odds are it stems from these little guys being taxed AF. The adenals produce hormones that regulate our response to stress, our metabolism, glucose, blood pressure + immune system and when they’re fatigued that’s when the rest of us can fall apart, which creates a domino effect of symptoms. 
Try this recipe: 1/2 cup of organic orange juice
2 ounces Ningxia Red (added boost of minerals)
1 tsp Sulfurzyme powder (MSM + wolfberry)
1 tsp collagen powder 
1/2 cup of coconut water or filtered spring water
Drink once or twice per day – an hour before or after food. 
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What this drink helps to do:
+ balance hormones
+ balance sodium and potassium ratios+ feed cells + fight fatigue+ help improve mood + lessen feelings of stress
+ better bowel movements
+ less body aches
+ gives you a metabolic push
+ build up mineral/electrolyte reservoir 
+ helps process nutrients
+ replenishes cell connections
+ helps the liver regenerate 

Popular smartphones

Obviously we can’t live without them. In a sea of technology, we can still minimize what we are getting unwillingly. Most people spend 5-6 hours on their phones each day. And, given that our phones emit a tiny amount of radiation, we’re exposing ourselves to radiation for hours each day.

But different phones emit different amounts of that stuff.

With the help of data collected by the German Federal Office, authors visualized the emissions of some popular smartphones today.

Let’s have an Earth Day every day!

Without looking at politicians, taxes, celebrities and dirty public spaces, do you think WE can live an Earth-honest day every day?: Turn off the lights when leaving a room?, not litter, keep eliminating plastics, use recycling beans with to-the-dot clean recyclables only?, not feed wild animals?, and generally guide ourselves as if we cared?, REALLY. Just because we can!

Hugs, Hanna