Seeking perfection – stains


Do you feel perfection obsessed…

…everything has to be “just so”? Doing things your way all the time? Many of us do. Because we want to shine bright… , because – from our experience – it is the best way…, because we compare ourselves to the most successful person in our circles?  How would it be to just let go!? Stop pleasing the audience, not shave for once, skip mascara, find other ways to feel radiant. Is it even possible, if we are NOT a tramp who doesn’t care “about nothing“…

Fighting the stains, on fabrics and souls

When you show a passion for something, people are attracted to you…” is already a universal saying. But passion for perfection often pairs with anger and frustration. What we focus on, grows on us pretty quickly, yet often times The Law of Attraction does not seem to work for us. Or is it a Law of Resonance? Find out what is going wrong.
At times I need a shower of motivation I love listening to Lewis Howe.

Stain remover spray

Take ½ cup water, ¼ cup castille soap, ½ cup hydrogen peroxide, about 2 drops lemon essential oil – optional but it adds extra anti-bacterial, anti-stain power.

  1. Mix your ingredients together.
  2. Put in glass spray bottle – dark glass or covered with a dark bag and store in a dark place at room temperature to help the peroxide last longer.
  3. Gently shake before use.
  4. If it’s a liquid stain, blot as much of it as you can first.
  5. Spray and let the spray sit for about 5 min.
  6. Scrub with your finger, a soft brush, or rub with a rag.

Heavy Duty cleaner

Best used as reusable wipes. 

Life gets messy with kids and pets! Most heavy-duty cleaners are harmful to your body.

Many people believe that you need toxic chemicals to get your home truly clean. This idea is so far from the truth! You can create a heavy-duty cleaner that does the job just as well as its harmful counterpart.”

Get recipe here »

Zen Out

Apply any of these oil on your wrists, neck, bottom of feet, and/or diffuse them at your office to stay calm during your workday. Office is “fragrance free”? Apply on wrists for the least ‘visibility‘ & sufficient support:
Peace & CalmingLavenderNorthern Lights Black SpruceStress Away. The least expensive?: Orange!

Stain remover gel

1 tablespoon castille soap
2 tbsp Hydrogen Peroxide
approx 2 tbsp baking soda
1. Mix detergent and peroxide in a glass container.
2. Add baking soda until it is the consistency you want.
3. Apply with fingers, spoon, or soft brush.
4. Let sit for a little while, then wash the clothing as you normally would.
DIY Stain stickrecipe and video:

  • 1 bar solid castile soap, unscented, shaved into small pieces
  • 1/3 cup washing soda
  • 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup Thieves® Laundry Soap
  • 4 drops Lemon essential oil
  • Empty deodorant container
  • Empty lip balm container

What goes into DIY heavy cleaners

Rubbing alcohol
Destilled or filtered water (Why can’t I use just a tap water? – tap water is hard water that can create its own spots on fabric or surfaces.)
Organic distilled vinegar
Esential oils. They not only add a great scent to the cleaner but can also double its effectiveness. 
When “bugs” are in the air, best effective is Thieves blend.

Biology of the brain

You are not rigidly what you think you are. Very few things are ‘genetic’, ‘hard wired’, specifically ‘located’ in our brain. If you play too easy game – you check out, too hard a game – you check out. We perform best when our brain meets our level, yet that level is changing all the time as we constantly create or lose neurons. Here is better explanation of the brain. Link in the pic is 4 min on understanding skin (!) immunity.

If your relationships are a constant breakdown…

Can you consistently show up for YOUR dreams and goals or is it a frequent battle with less important drama? If you don’t have time to listen to the whole video by Lewis Howe (totally worth the time!!!), spend these 3 minutes for a quick reminder of the essence. Listen now from 27:35 into the video to 30:35 minutes timeline. Your brain is not hard wired on trauma, says neurosurgeon

Kristen Longo from…

Kawartha Lakes, ON, said:
Aside from truly clean, quality products – the YL community is like no other. We’re all playing for the same team, we all want the same thing for our friends and family, we all have something immediately in common. Before being introduced to the Young Living community and lifestyle, I was feeling stuck in life…

Making the most of us

…”Feeling like I was going nowhere, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, where I was going, what I was passionate about. Without sounding so cliche – YL truly saved me, ” says Kristen, “in more than giving me a healthy body. “
Maybe it’s not just about finding the perfect thing, possession, friend, partner, or audience, my friend, but finding the perfection in those we’ve already found.
Because Life itself is precious
Hugs, Hanna