Make It Your Business To Help

Make it your business

We believe that by simply deciding to authentically share the natural solutions that have transformed your home, you have the chance to influence others for good. That’s why we’re empowering you with Help 5! A program designed to support you in focusing on five each month and reward you for two habits YL’s most successful business builders practice.

When you make it your goal to help five, you have an opportunity to set aside your personal obstacles and negative self-talk to strategically help someone in your community take the next steps towards enhancing their wellness with healthier alternatives. Plus, you’ll earn points toward monthly Help 5 incentives and training to support you in your business.

Help someone in your community to find wellness opportunity that Young Living provides, and earn special rewards.

Everything in life requires promoting (selling) your ideas to other people:

Asking someone on a date.

Getting your kids to clean up their room and do homework.

Selling yourself at a job interview or to potential clients.

EVERYTHING is “selling”. It drives the economy, progress, innovation.

You are already selling something by expressing your behaviour and habits. Have you noticed what your kids acquired by copying you?

Even non-profits “sell” in order to raise funds for their higher purpose.

When you see what essential oils have done for you, wouldn’t you want others to benefit as well? Sharing is naturally caring.

Take the time to focus on five people every month and join a community of helpers ready to pay it forward to help others start their own business at Young Living.

The act of helping five is at the heart of each Young Living business! Make it your business!