Having lazy Summer


Do I need to feel guilty?…

…Some people have lazy Summers all the time, and others don’t. I don’t remember many lazy Summers beyond my childhood. Certainly most of us didn’t have easy Summers in the last few years. Future is VERY unknown lately, so what the heck! – I decided not to push myself for the time being, and hope to avoid a major crisis that we somehow feel is hanging overhead.

In my garden…

Citrus oils pushed away…

…because of their photosensitivity, what do we use on sunny days? Lavender, Carrot seed, Pine, Cyprus, Elemi, Frank… there is always lots to choose from.  We can still use citrus oils for night, as long as there is no residue on uncovered skin in the sun.

DIY drinks are both healthy

…and so easy to use with essential oils lines approved for consumption. Take 1 banana, 1 cup of ice cubes, 3/4 cup each coconut milk and fresh squeezed orange juice, 1 container (157ml) key lime greek yogurt, 10 drops of Orange+. If that’s too much effort, squirt Vytalyte drops to a jug of cold water, and there you go!


Do I need to wear a sunscreen or not really? That is a good question! Depending who do you ask, the answers vary from “Always a must” to “Never”. Times changed – we have hotter climate, all the flying objects ripped open Earth protective atmosphere, native Northerners migrated to southern tropics, science showed that sun ages skin big time prematurely… One thought comes up for sure – be very smart about your sun exposure. This blog shines a light on SPFs and dangers of commercial sunscreens.

Where would you go…

…this Summer? Inspire your adventure with Clarity! 

Diffuse at home or on the go with a Car Vent Diffuser – available in gray or rose gold!

Cool down

Apply 2-3 drops of Peppermint essential oil to a damp rug and place on the back of the neck or forehead for an intensely cooling sensation and energizing feeling. Keep away from eyes.

DIY freshening spray

Looking for a natural air freshener and linen spray? Try this one in your car, or any room in your house to brighten and refresh for summer!
1.5 cups distilled water
6 Tbsp rubbing alcohol
15 drops Lemon essential oil
15 drops Lavender essential oil 
Spray bottle (2 cups, 475 ml)

  1. Mix essential oils and rubbing alcohol in a glass. Add distilled water.
  2. Pour into spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

5 must-haves for a staycation Summer

Here are the favourite essentials to arm yourself with natural powers to help you stay cool, calm and well.
From outdoors protective blends, to little pleasures, read this for fun and gain – relax, protect, ground and recover.

10 biggest essential oils mistakes.

Some things are better learned than experienced. Essential oils are lovely treasures, but beware they can be dangerous in many ways to oblivious user. Do not ever assume that all essential oils are equal, that you can put any oils to your mouth or use them all over the body, NOT using essential oils daily, forgetting which oils are ‘hot’, ignoring the staining power of some of the oils, not being aware of the flammability and ‘ignition’ temperatures of some of the oils, using them at a wrong timeline point of your drying cycle, clinging to candles and air fresheners, keeping children from ever using essential oils, using oils improperly around pets, holding onto toxic cleaning products. 
New users are now getting a mini-course in smart application of essential oils, from YL headquarters.

Make Journey On…

…your signature Summer scent. What a stellar list of oils in this blend!Dilute and apply 1-2 drops of Journey On™ to wrists and neck.
Personalize by adding another drop of a favourite essential of your choice – we like  LavenderCopaiba or Frankincense
Originally developed for the World Peace Caravan 2015.

Lou in High Park

Happy Journey…

May your journeys bring you to your dream lands! May this Summer peace and joy replace stress, worries, tensions, hate and divide. Go and spread more friendships and love, my friend.
I root for you!