Overspoken overwhelm


The world has become loquacious. Communication is one thing, while overwhelming chattiness from way too many sources around us does no good. Internet combined with tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, electronic media, cities crowded with people who all express themselves and community cultures dawned upon each individual to the point that paralyzed most of us, for at least hours a day. There is no escape other than off-grid nature, which, in contrast, has become quite dangerous just by means of us, being unaccustomed to anything else than overwhelming chatter.

We eat, work, travel, socialize and relax with eyes fixed on a phone between our hands.
Local governments elected by majority are quickly opposed by groups of interest, so loud that it seems they are the majority in that area.
Children of all ages are ignored by parents overwhelmed by FOMO on some news or messages from too many sources.
Relationships became ‘ruled’ by ‘etiquette’ developed (by who??) for electronic communication. Employees productivity is loosely sifted through time strained after browsing.
Toddlers cry in the middle of the night from horrors they’ve seen daily in the media but are unable to process.

Cost of the current state of civilization? – for sure. Today there is not even enough discipline in ourselves to deal with it. And the result is not just a headache. The lonely achiever is one who tunes out all noise.

I am not the one to judge. I also over spoken on many occasions that I regret dearly. Had I have the strength to shut my mouth and speak way later, my life would have looked as differently as an alternative reality. Some words cannot be taken back – I wish they would! Don’t look at me for solution. It’s too late for all of us.

To care is to admit vulnerability. The latter attracts attacks.

Between overexpression and invisibility may be hiding a golden spot of being awesome. Stop shouting your truth. It sinks in everyone elses’.

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