Affirmation Cards


What are they? These are mood cards for all weather and ages (8&up).

I created these Affirmation Cards because I know how hard it is to stop anxiety, rid of panic attacks, be brave enough to face a social gathering or strangers, or a large business meeting.
How impossible it seems to speak from the stage, or heal past traumas.
Any reason persuasions turned into emotional debacles.

We can’t transcend what we don’t want, until we start pursuing what we easily want.

It came in a moment of meditation – a thought that enjoying my secret garden flowers I connect to them on a personal level that I want to share. Drops of wisdom and kind emotions, associated with each of them became so soothing that I wanted to share it with this crazy world to gently heal others in times of uncertainty.
I present you my Secret Garden in fifty two bookmark size mood cards, accompanied with a writing space on reverse for a guided work through your thoughts, neatly wrapped in a gift box.

This is an easy read 🙂
Purchase your box of Affirmation Cards for $15, and aspire to thrive. Affirmation cards