Eagle eyes


Can you imagine a world where people could actually improve their own eyesight?

Are you looking through your glasses? It’s good at first, but did you notice that with years going by, we need stronger glass, and even then things become blurry. Age related? Not as much as we may think. Daily habits and foods we eat affect our vision more than you think.

There was a little girl in Brazil, who worn thick glasses. Good student, she was ambitious to excel. At the University of Sao Paulo she met Dr Meyer Schneider, who taught her how to restore good vision naturally. Her program Eagle Eyes is helping thousands of people around the globe to improve their eyesight without surgeries and thicker glasses.

So what affects our vision besides accidents and diseases like diabetes, genetic variations or brain cancers? Definitely a lifestyle. Daily habits that may continue unconsciously for years.

Improving the vision

An eye is mostly a muscle. It needs exercising to stay fit. Not only rolling eyes helps, but foremost: changing the distances we focus on. Looking at the phone needs to be frequently interrupted by looking at small objects far away, like noticing what shape of a tail has this bird flying high, or can you tell what details are at the top of towering buildings, sort of things. Follow a leaf falling at a distance or notice digits on zooming cars’ plates, before you come back to focus on tiny things close to you. These exercises should be performed without the glasses – when it is safe to remove them.

Nutrients for the eyes

Eyes need lutein, zeaxanthin, Vit. A, C (which contributes to healthy blood vessels in our eyes), beta carotene and essential fatty acids to thrive. Carrots, you said? Yes!!!, Better yet: purple carrot, and squash, zucchini, eggs, green leafy vegetables, salmon, sardines, flax seeds, walnuts, purple berries, kiwi. Do you eat daily a lot of them?

Helping our eyes

That’s another topic – removing the glasses when it is safe to do so. Making effort to see things without the glasses, and without squinting is another exercise that will only strengthen our vision. In vast flat green areas, terrain we know, at home when we don’t read, we may spend some time without the glasses.

If vision loss is more significant already, the safest option is to follow Tatiana’s specific exercises to improve. Focus changes, rest from glasses do work! I can testify to that. Approaching seventy, I only need glasses for very fine print, and my prescription for glasses goes as far at grade seven.

Eye supplements

So maybe I not always include in my food everything that I need for every organ in my body – that would be totally exhausting! Following Lou, I started using IlluminEyes supplement, and in about a month I did notice improvement in my vision. I am very happy with the results, and will continue to use it, because it is much better option than eye surgeries.