Fools or Wisemen…


…if you find yourself wondering about this, the lines may be pretty blurry. Historical definition of a wiseman is: ‘a man versed in magic, witchcraft, or astrology’. So out of touch! In a world as complex as today, it makes sense to pause for a quick second, set aside a judgmental urge and observe – what can I learn from a person in front of me? There is always something to learn: an easy personality trait, a beauty tip, a piece of info, a cautionary tale, a soothing story…

This month, if you are not doing something crazy…

…give yourself a gift of Presence. Pause to think what do you really-really want. Take a few intentional moments each day to be present. In the middle of a day, week or month packed with errands or work  commitments, this will help you work toward your greater goals.

What’s your best joke ever?

Faced with making smart and harmless prank? This will give you a few ideas for today if you haven’t already come up with your own.
What are you doing today, my friend?
Do you have a tip for a prank for me?

Cedarwood obsessed

At $14.50 Cedarwood is a trove of treasures. It takes care of skin, sleep, hair, some insects, closets and more. Cedarwood and Rosemary will grow hair on a bald scalp – seriously! – but don’t expect it overnight.

Cedarwood essential oil »

Feelings of hope…

…for the Future. This blend is inspiring. You only need a drop. Simply place on your wrists, cup hands and inhale while working on your vision board. Spoiler alert: whether you meant it or not, your daily surroundings are your subliminal 5D Vision board. Make it work for you as you intend it. Feng Shui Baby!

Envision blend $24.25»

British have dry sense…

…of humour. See live pranks around the world today.

“How come your home…

…always smells so nice?” Asks me my neighbour when coming unannouced, to get some oils from me. This blend is energizing, brings about a sense of calm, creativity and joy. And at $19.75 is one of the cheapest oils. Diffuse it in bathrooms and check out Energizing shower steamers too.

Citrus Fresh is mostly an answer »

Most cherished blend?

When you mention Valor, you get enchanted or curious faces. It is the most cherished blend. It immediately encourages in the morning to face any adversity, soothes and balances emotions, and smells better than most perfumes. It is blue, thanks to Blue Tansy essential oil in it. Contains many expensive oils.
It comes in a roller bottle as well – so great as a gift for your best Friend!

Motivation is like a shower…

… you have to take it daily! – Lou used to say often. When times get tough, we need an extra help. And a good friend or even a family are not always around. I love to receive in my morning emails tidbits from Mike Dooley – he knows hardship. This one came in today: 

“Start it; you don’t have to be fancy.
Keep moving; you don’t have to go crazy. 
Visualize; you don’t have to admit it. 
See the end result; it doesn’t have to be material. 
Expect miracles; they don’t have to be huge.”

Convention Keynote

Speaker is this year Kristen Boss. And how can you not be a serial entrepreneur with such a surname? She teaches to adapt to situations and incorporate new ideas and strategies into businesses. Known for her fresh approach to marketing and sales in the social selling industry, Kristen believes in teaching people to work with diligence and focus while leaving the damaging culture of “hustle” behind.

When you believe you can, you WILL

This is how it works. Thoughts become things. Yes, they do. It’s not a slogan mostly. You can chuckle all you want, but review in your memories when things happened for you – it was always when you “knew” you can. I mentioned “mostly” above. The key is to know you can. Once this is set in your mind, you are on your way to make it happen, my friend.
Love, Hanna