Making the best of the rest of Summer

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Who knows how much Summer is left! Maybe a month or month and a half before heating season starts again. Using the best what Summer has to offer: farms, farmer’s markets, short trips to region’s beaches, falls and attractions or spending time in the garden and city parks, all contribute positively to building immunity for upcoming changes and strengthening our bodies.

At the Sunnyside Beach, lake Ontario

Being Outdoorsy

Explore essential oils best for camping trips and travels out of town. I get bitten a lot by flying insects, so I make sure to have self-made anti-bug spray in a small glass bottle. Believe it or not, but some good blends double as a personal fragrant that is a nice and original scent, free of any synthetics. Lemon grass, with lavender and peppermint works as a minimum effort to have a better time outdoors.

Swap this for that

Bring clean living to your home

Natural living starts on the farm with the best ingredients Nature has to offer. Young Living relies on only clean, premium ingredients from the farms where this standard is controlled. By creating alternative home cleaning solutions we give our bodies resources to thrive in health.

Check this source for drain cleaners, air fresheners and strong cleaning solutions, safe around kids, pets, elderly, the whole family – that you will love.

DIY scented chalk

Kids love the sidewalk chalk

Last week before the school is never boring. The more, with the drawing outside, and with any neighbours’ kids that join in. This can be upgraded to an aromatherapy adventure, and DIY activity to make your own, scented chalk, without a mess at home.

Here’s how to keep kids entertained, close to home, with an activity they already love. You can get Plaster of Paris at Canadian Tire, Lowes, Amazon, and the rest is in this recipe here.

Road to recovery – Raven blend

Road to recovery

Road to recovery is different for everyone. I will always reach for the esential oils to gently bring me back to balance, working mostly through my feelings. When feelings are properly addressed, self-healing nature of humans can kick in. Oils are not a quick fix (although they are in many minor events). It takes longer, but works often deeper than just addressing symptoms.
Dilute one drop with carrier oil and apply to chest and throat. The cooling notes of Peppermint and Eucalyptus are soothing for hot Summer days.

Summer BBQ

Next week, Friday, 26th, you are invited to a Summer BBQ at the YL Experience Centre in Brampton. Great opportunity to mingle, smell and touch all new products, and select some oils/supplements/makeup/creams for a school year.
Please complete our Registration Form to Reserve your meal!!! Gluten free and vegetarian options available.
Looking forward to seeing you there and connecting with our Young Living community!

Time: 12:00PM – 3PM
7700 Hurontario ST, Suite 201

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Creating your own blends

The science of mixing oils for blends is well defined and tested. It’s not as easy as throwing together trio of your own favs, but it could be.
Here you can run quickly through the rules of good combinations. Think of your best memories and places scents, as far as from childhood.
Use these tips to test your combination without wasting oils on trials-and-errors.

Best combinations are simple and purposeful, tied to your health and emotional needs.

Dried lavender


I am changing the platforms of how this newsletter is distributed. Hope you continue liking it, and telling me what you are interested in knowing about essential oils and living younger.

For the end – a tip from Human Longevity Project – how to tune in to your body’s first clues that something is amiss.

With lots of Love, Hanna

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