Sanguine in change


Should you be? And what does it even mean? Sanguine is an adjective, meaning optimistic or positive in face of difficulties. Change of season, change of climate, job, financial and physical stability, we are facing so many changes these days that not coping with them in a predetermined way may just pull the proverbial rug from under our feet. Are you on a right footing with your basic need of stability?

Walking is the one activity that grounds us with Nature to lower stress, facilitate meditation and extend mobility. Trees are turning leaves colours, temperatures are moderate again, and we may even meet a new friend.

Yay citrus essential oils!

When sun is less intense in Autumn and Winter, we can use more citrus essential oils again. Hurray, this is important, since they do help in most cosmetics, to keep face skin radiant and less oily.

Also, my favourite oil blend – Stress Away, contains citrus oils, and now I can use more of it. Stress Away™ is the first product to contain the unique stress-relieving combination of Lime and Cedarwood, YLTG essential oils. With an aroma that is the perfect blend of tropical and citrus, Stress Away is uniquely relaxing and comforting. This natural solution was created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life, making it the perfect addition to your purse, car, or office.

Learning about cholesterol

With the sheer number of India’s population, it’s not an easy task to be seen by a doctor. That’s why India publishes a lot of popular publications to educate broad public on lifestyle benefiting health. This article simply lists food choices that are causing higher cholesterol (=inflammation) and lower cholesterol (=healthier body). We wouldn’t care about cholesterol number if it were not an indicator of inflammatory processes that our body tries to mend.

Mindful living

Stories of farmers sick from long term use of pesticides made their way to mainstream media now. If this is not evoking lifestyle changes for health, nothing will.
I love Young Living products because of the stringent standards production which cares about people the way I want it to be for me.

Apple-pie slushy recipe

This slushy recipe boasts an irresistible apple pie flavor enhanced with Cinnamon Bark +™ and Nutmeg Vitality™ essential oils.

This recipe makes two servings.

  • 1 cup cold apple cider
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark +
  • 1 drop Nutmeg Vitality

Apple cider is generally naturally sweet, but if you want a super-sweet slushy, add a dash of maple syrup or honey to taste. Click for instructions.

Warm Welcome to Autumn changes

This Good Vibes doormat and a bottle of Purification essential oils blend, from the Warm Welcome Collection, just might invite positive energies into your home. Its simple design and playful message makes a personalized first impression.

Diffuse a few drops of Purification near your entryway to deodorize and freshen the air with the sweet blend of Rosemary, Citronella, Lemongrass and other essential oils. Or whip up a DIY shoe spray to freshen and purify odours at the source. The invigorating scent will welcome and encourage family and friends alike to be transported into your uplifting oasis, to deal with any change coming about.

With Hugs, Hanna