Not all smoothies are healthy…

..hidden ingredients or not enough specialized knowledge can make a dent in your attempt to live healthier. Things to avoid are: additives to make smoothies creamier which can actually cause inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis, a type of muscle-building powder that contains several toxins which disrupt your microbiome & immune function, a sweetener that’s cleverly disguised in everyday products but can, in fact, suppress your immune response.

Breathe easy smoothie.

All of the top nutrients that can help you recover from a cough or cold. Pineapple to reduce inflammation, support respiratory health, and help the body to break up and expel mucus. Mango is rich in vitamins A and C. Cherries provide quercetin, that helps with upper respiratory tract. Brazil nuts support a healthy immune response, and Swiss chard stimulates bitter receptors throughout the body. Fresh-squeezed OJ pulls it all together with an added boost of vitamin C and electrolytes. 1 cup each: pineapple, mango, swiss chard, orange juice. ½ cup frozen cherries,  ¼ cup Brazil nuts.


These oils are stimulating and refreshing; this aroma is just what you need when you want to accomplish all the things. Examples: Citrus Fresh, RC, Valor, Purification, Thieves, PanAway.


Connecting with the earth spiritually, boosting focus and stability; inhale this scent when life’s thrown you a bit out of balance. Example: Stress Away, White Angelica.

What to blend for best sleep

Here are a few combinations from Dr. Eric Zielinski family:

  • Patchouli & Cedarwood
  • Lavender & Vanilla
  • Vetiver & Roman Chamomile
  • Ylang ylang, Bergamot, Lavender,Marjoram, Roman chamomile, Valerian
  • Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla
  • Geranium, Marjoram, Patchouli, Orange
  • Roman chamomile, Rose, Palmarosa


Promoting feelings of optimism and inspiration; this scent is like feeling the warmth of the sun in the middle of a rainy day. Examples: Joy, Peace & Calming.


Calming and restful; like a warm bath and a pair of fuzzy socks, this aroma can help you unwind after a long day. Example: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sacred Frankincense

Just spray your pillow

You can replace alcohol with witch hazel. On the other hand, alcohol kills mites you can’t see.

Hidden daily stress and past emotional traumas…

…are silently eating away at us, causing low level chronic inflammation that makes the base for all evil long term diseases. We usually don’t talk about it because it requires communicating unpleasant personal information to strangers or loved ones we don’t want to upset. But it cannot sit there rotting us on the inside either. Essential oils can help, both in starting conversations or when we are alone. Read what do the top blends do – a chart to feelings with complex oils combinations!

Feelings and body wisdom

Alexandra Roxo is teaching in a few minutes, how to process our body’s wisdom rather than suppress any feelings as we were thaught in almost every school. Start watching at 27 sec into this video.

Praying for Peace

Forces around the world are at work to put us in greater chaos. And we are more divided than ever. Is war a solution to find Solutions? I say NO.
Praying for peace and leaders who will bring most people together, Hugs, Hanna