Summer Birthdays


Complaints fall on a deaf ear…

A girlfriend complained to me…

…about having Summer Birthday. LOL. COL. That immediately falls on deaf ears, right? Not something for choosing, and so many genuine benefits I can see, she chose to complain that ‘people are on vacations, hard to get anyone to come after lonely last two years‘ and so on and so on…
What i can see is that it’s time of mighty Leos or ever-supporting Cancers, and also big-picture-getters Virgos. These babies were conceived between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which permeates with content. How can you not love Abundance of summertime, when food, flowers, activities and places are plenty & more affordable than at any other time? 
Anyways, she was well pampered, despite her prickly attitude poking through any fun.

What are essential oils?

Remember opening of the…

… Experience Centre? Its inside changes all the time, but a few things remain stable: a warm welcoming, a great calming and restoring vibe of a bio geometric design, which makes you just feel good for an unknown reason, and shelves filled with wonders not found elsewhere. Make a blind date with your Future there, why not?

Abundance essential oil

…Claire swears by her Abundance protocol. When she does it, many things around her go smoother, new people and opportunities appear, and she wonders – did I just do it, or God made sure of a good swap? Abundance feels viscous, somewhat heavier than the other oils, richer in note, and mystic. Once a young man walked into my office from a busy street, where I had Abundance poster, and asked to buy it – he felt he needed it in this particular point of his Life. He felt enchanted, and purchased it later again.

Trending on TikTok

#cashstuffing and #budgetbinder
Fearing recession and facing all adjectives -flation, as in inflation, stagflation, superflation etc. young(er) generation looks for ways to simply survive the crazy time.
Cash stuffing is a budgeting way that uses envelopes to allocate monthly cash – figure out how much you have in your budget for various expenses categories, and stick to only that budget without using credit cards or loans. So you staff envelopes with your monthly allowance for each category expense and not cheat on yourself. It works best in hard times.

They can change your DNA…

Some incidents and traumas are so strong, they can change your DNA. It just happened, and in a snap you are a different wo(man). Make sure that this new DNA is better. You are a creator of it. She spent her 21st Birthday in ICU, and then her re-birth happened. Pain is not the same as suffering. Pain does not last forever. Suffering may be self-inflicted regardless of pain.
In this episode of The School of Greatness, Lewis Howes interviews a woman, who’s passion overwrote the pain and suffering. When you laugh, people laugh with you; when you cry, you cry alone.

Let it be Abundance…

Abundance was created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This manifesting and powerful blend creates what is called “the law of attraction,” (I believe it is more of a Law of Resonance, which refers to the positive (or negative) energy we fortify by focusing on it. Abundance therefore opens us to a wealth of possibilities. Its spicy scent is popular among both women and men – try using it as a perfume or cologne and experience your energy shifting towards prosperity and plentitude!

Better products – longer use

We all know that buying cheaper is not better in a long run. Balance your savings with the long term health and happiness. We can use any budgeting tool and advice of wise people in our reach. I have been through hard living and health scares too. They don’t last long. Live long and prosper, on a budget. You can!

Trust your gut to wellness

These are gut supplements worth a look. It’s a new new Digestive Wellness Essential Rewards Collection! A happy tummy is key to a happy life! That’s why the new Digestive Wellness Essential Rewards Collection is ready to help you care for your gut with naturally supportive Young Living products.
It contains ComforCleanse, ICP, Essentialzymes-4, DiGize, 5 ml.

International Essential Oils Day

Jul 11th is an International Essential Oils Day. What is it? a lot of videos and talks about goodness of oils. This month is full of Birthdays. 11th was Gary D. Young birthday, James and his father, Lou, just a week and two weeks away – and you may know many friends who are celebrating in July and August, my brother including. If that’s you, make your mark on the World – however big. Some people will always love you, and some will always hate you. Haters were once Dreamers. Haters are jeleous a lot. It is exhausting to hate. Don’t hate.

The mix is pretty simple, …

…the most expensive ingredient in it is Frankincense, because creating Abundance needs so much Faith – in you! The rest is as old as Humanity itself: Orange, Clove, Ginger, Patchouli, Spruce and Myrrh. Roots contains precious, grounding oils, including Sacred Frankincense, Grand Fir, Cistus, Myrrh, Balm of Gilead and Angelica. These ancient oils come together to create a sense of nourishment and stability as you work to strengthen your own personal foundation.

Abundance be mine…

At the end, we all just want to just be healthy and happy – it’s so simple, yet so hard to reach at times.
Be patient with your journey, my friend, do the best you can, where you are, with what you have, and go after your dreams Big Time – it’s the ONLY TIME, you know this! 

Love and Hugs,